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Gnax Is One Of The Best Options In Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud computing is an application that allows computing resources to be shared over the Internet. Within cloud computing, companies can share, edit, manage and upload files, software and documents. These documents and files are flexible and interchangeable. They can also be readable and editable by each individual within a network. The sharing concept is not new with cloud computing companies. Online cloud storage of information increases work flow and productivity, and decreases IT expenses.

Cloud computing companies help customers increase productivity through an environment in the cloud by providing specialized network servers for their needs. The cloud allows unrestricted access within the hosting environment that is served. Applications and software manipulation isn’t limited and applications and resources are shared by others. Conceptually, the cloud can be scaled significantly and reduce expenses by resource sharing on any level.

Typically, cloud computing providers are ideal if they have multiple employees in different locations. Working in the cloud also reduces expenses like travel, software and hardware purchases and multiple telecommunication lines that perform the same function. It creates a flexible environment and connects workers across all phases of the business. In the virtual world of cloud computing, information is always at a point of being ready and accessible.

Cloud hosting providers like work to develop comprehensive systems that can be curtailed to fit each specific customer. We develop cloud systems that scale to include hundreds to thousands of servers that can make readily available valuable resources as they are needed. With a comprehensive Cloud hosting providers, there is no need for clients to buy or invest in special hardware, and their online presence can benefit immensely from any Web traffic demands and requirements.

About GNAX
With over 10 years as an industry leader in the southeast, Global Net Access (GNAX) operates

Feb 16

After Sales Service – Benefits Of After Sales Cloud Processes

Numerous sales staffs are not able to comprehend the immediate ROI that might accrue to an organization through a sound after sale service. Most employers are of opinion that post the sales procedures and commissions spent, any further time contributed to a customer or client is a waste of valuable time. They think that the sales staff is not gaining remuneration to retain a customer. However, effective after sales follow ups lead to grater profits and revenues.

Market analysts harps on the significance of an efficient after sales service process at work. As a sales staff is following up with client(s), he is delivering more value than the client has paid for. This very aspect would result in increased referrals, word of mouth promotion, greater business, and sales. Business consultants suggest three important steps:-

Continue selling
Work up to playing a chief role when a customer/client meets any issue with account management
Try to be accessible 24×7 for customer inquiries

Concisely, after sales service refers to running and organizing the products after selling them and dealing with client behavior. Today, numerous organizations have come up with after sales service solutions by using cloud processes. They render users a competitive advantage. As a result, your company would own a greater market share. Other benefits include reduced after-sales related overheads on products and services and better customer retention. Ten essential components of after sales cloud process are:-

Master data management
Business process network
Business process rules and business process management
Cloud process systems dedicated to end-user members
Performance management
Cloud process hosting
Cloud process customization
Process improvement services
Information management and monitoring
Third party best-of-breed cloud brokering

In addition to that, there are certain advantages that a company would witness

Feb 16

The Added Advantages Of Secure Cloud Services

From a business point of view, it is very essential to backup and protect your crucial data. Although many companies are well aware of the above fact but still they are in shadow regarding the benefits concerned from a secure backup system. There are three key benefits on which the Secure Cloud Services are based upon- increased security, time saving as well as cost effective.

In simple language, cloud backup uses internet to store data. Many big companies make use of this feature which can also be well incorporated in small businesses to enhance computer data security. The sharing and storing of larger files will seem to be just a matter of seconds.

The on-site backup systems are prone to threats like access by any unauthorized employees, corrupted data or stolen in case of break-in. In case of cloud services, some systematized approach is being followed to backup your data. An infrastructure with encrypted network is being used by cloud service companies for storage engine. Use of lock-out policies and high-end securities ensures only authorized access to your data.

The amount of time wasted in running backup software by the companys staff can be utilized in some other fruitful work. With cloud service the folder synchronization is done automatically eliminating the extra time used to copy data to storage devices. With a simple mouse click, the online backup system is activated and the backup process performs the necessary task.

If you are a victim of a situation where you have to reinstall different software application to restore the files that you have lost accidentally then you can understand the struggle one has to go through. Instead, if you would have the data stored somewhere else then things would have been much easier and simpler. All you have to do is

Feb 16

The Cloud computing services are turning out to be pretty fruitful choice for the small time entrepreneurs

When you hear around cloud computing or cloud services, you often associate with bigger business places. But things are seen changing a lot, smaller and medium size business enterprises too are seen reaping the benefits of cloud computing. As per the latest survey organized by a market study company exposed that a sizeable quantity of small enterprises are seeking the help of cloud computing providers to avail this unfamiliar technology to improve their business operations. The reason why small enterprises are shifting towards these technologies is because of ease and simplicity in day to day business operations with the help of cloud. By adopting these technologies, these smaller enterprises are all set to give competition to the bigger groups are in the row in becoming improved and bigger group.

The cloud computing came into picture a couple of years before and is likely to remain for the coming years thus give everybody the reason to expand. The study indicates that the figure is likely to up by 25 percent within a year or so. Hence both small and medium size business owners are likely to shed the old and traditional software based applications and move on to the idea of cloud computing.In this way, you as an unfamiliar entrepreneur can offer your employees the opportunity to participate in any kind of business meeting by simply sitting across their laptop or PC. They are not essential to accumulate at the centrally positioned video conferencing room to participate in any sales of business meeting.

Cloud computing bears the quality of scalability; this means that the web based applications can be now owned and used by a single proprietor with very few modifications. A fine thing about this factor is that it grows with the business without any pain or agitation

Feb 15

How Does Exactly Cloud Computing Work

Information is stored on servers and accessed from networked computers, tablets, or phones.

Businesses can have thousands of files and several programs that all need to be stored for daily operations. These can take up terabytes of space on internal servers which cost money to install, maintain, and operate. Cloud storage solutions give businesses a way to store their information with server companies that already have the hardware. A cloud provider is a company that stores information on servers that are connected to the Internet and can be accessed by the clients whenever they need their work.

GNAX uses a colocation data center to store all files and secure backups. Colocation backups provide more security because files are stored in two different locations. One of the server facilities is located in Atlanta and Dallas. This means that if one site suffers from a power failure or a drive malfunctions, data is still available since it is stored at the other location as well. The data backup solution offers businesses a secure and safe way to store and access all of their information. Backups can be handled automatically and scheduled so that they do not interfere with daily activities.

Data center providers are what make cloud computing possible. Cloud storage solutions from companies like GNAX store programs and files on secure servers and commit resources and access to the company. These services are provided with a monthly rate and make it so that people can access their files from anywhere that they have an Internet connection. Workers can bring their data home by simply logging in and accessing their work files. GNAX also uses automated resource management to ensure fast connections. More information is available at gnax.net.

With over 10 years as an industry leader in the southeast, Global Net Access

Feb 14

Centurylink Cloud Storage

In todays digital age, cloud storage has become a necessity. Virtually all business information financials, files, videos, etc. are stored on company hard drives. But what if something happens to those hard drives and they are no longer accessible? Hardware failure, user error, fire, theft, natural disasters, etc. often come when they are least expected, and can potentially wipe out a companys irreplaceable information.

Cloud storage acts like a form of insurance for your important information. Not only can you retrieve any lost data in the event of an unexpected event, but you can also access and share your documents anywhere, anytime. All cloud storage services allow you to access and share your files on any PC, laptop, or mobile device via apps and/or a specific browser.

As the third largest telecommunications company in the United States, CenturyLink is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise customers. CenturyLinks robust portfolio contains a number of cloud-based services and infrastructure elements. Backed by 17 CyberCenters, CenturyLink cloud services are reliable and flexible enough to benefit businesses of all sizes.

CenturyLinks cloud storage service leverages its Data Centers, which are all connected with cutting-edge, OC768 bandwidth to its fiber-optic IP network, in order to provide you with the ability to archive, restore, and retrieve your data, letting you focus on what is most important your business.

CenturyLink Storage Features include:

RAID (Redundant display of inexpensive disks) protected

Single or dual paths for redundancy

SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for disk availability

Online management and configuration

Any server in the fabric can communicate with any storage device in the SAN

Forrester research indicates that storage budgets have grown steadily for over the past 5 years. Dont wait until its too late to secure your businesss most important information, act now! For more information on CenturyLinks

Feb 13

Fox Render Farm Is A Leading Cloud Render Service

Fox Render Farm offers an outstanding and amazing cloud render service. Of course, this unrivaled success does not come from vain. The 2000 servers and the round clock cloud render service are some of the secrets behind the Fox Render Farm hype.
Fox Renderfarm is based on the cloud-computing technology .And since 2010; Fox Renderfarm consistently provides thousands of CG production companies with an ultimate performance at competitive rates without a hitch.
Reasons for Choosing a Cloud Render service
Absolutely, rendering 3D scenes needs special computing resources. It is a complex and robust process that requires extra ordinary computer that can handle every tiny detail at ease. With huge computer like Render farm you can render all your complex 3Ds scenes efficiently. However, Render farm has complex wiring connections and generally is big in structure. Additional to the spacious space the Render farm needs, you will need to hire a technician to regularly maintain it. In short, to get and install render farm you need to have a strong budget. Here, the importance of choosing a remote render service comes.
Why Fox Render farm is the best choice
Generally, for all animators, graphic designers and CG studios, choosing a cloud render service is the perfect solution to have smooth and efficient render at affordable prices. Fox Render farm is one of the most cutting-to-edge companies. It enjoys all the capabilities and facilities to offer unmatched remote rendering service worldwide. Fox Render farm is capable of rendering both Ultra HD and HD animations. Whether you are using Maya or 3ds Max, you can render your projects easily and quickly. Moreover, they do support several apps including, but not limited to, V-Ray and Mental Ray. All you need is to submit files online and get real-time preview.

Feb 13

How Cloud 9 Straighteners Combat Fake Imitations

Cloud 9 straighteners are consistently chosen by hair salons as top quality hair tools. These straighteners were actually created by the original founders of GHD technology. Industry insiders have predicted the success of Cloud 9 for years, because they simply work better than all other relevant devices out there.

Fake imitations of straighteners often only have one or two temperature settings. Unlike fake imitation straighteners, Cloud 9 straighteners have an adjustable temperature setting. With Cloud 9, one can fine tune the temperature to achieve the perfect hairstyle.

One of the other distinguishing features of Cloud 9 straighteners is the secret ingredient contained within the gold plates. Cloud 9 claims this secret ingredient adds extra gloss and shine to one’s hair. No other hair company in the market uses this secret ingredient in its own products. There is just something about this secret ingredient that makes one’s hair look stunning and fabulous. It is no wonder professional hair stylists all around the world use Cloud 9 straighteners and speculate as to what the ingredient could be!

The auto switch is a great safety feature as many straighteners do not contain a safety feature. The auto switch can tell whether or not a person is using the device. If a person has accidentally left his or her straightener on, then the device will automatically turn off. The auto switch works to prevent any unfortunate fires in a person’s home.

Aside from differences in quality, there are other ways to distinguish a Cloud 9 from others in the market. Cloud 9 straighteners have a traditional hologram placed upon them, which is an easy way to tell if it is a fake, as fake ones wont have the hologram.

Buying a Cloud 9 straightener from an authorised dealer or salon is one’s best bet

Feb 13

Cloud Telephony India- Need Of Every Business Enterprise

Communication technology is developing with a very fast pace and resultantly, businesses are adopting new ways of communication every day. For maintaining any business venture, you need effective communication tools so as to facilitate easy flow of any important message. Day by day, business enterprises are stepping ahead to switch to online resources for reducing costs, increasing collaboration and enhanced reliability. When you talk about advanced communication tools for business enterprises, cloud telephony services in India serves the purpose.

What is Cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony services are on-demand web-based voice services which lets you run your business easily. These services are easily accessible for anyone. Using cloud telephony services India, distribution of voice setup can be done effectively through a complex-free programmable interface. For availing these services, you dont need to purchase any hardware as well as manage any software. All you need to do is find an apt provider for availing these services. There are various companies that are offering these services at highly competitive prices.

Benefits of Cloud telephony:

1.With this, you can route inbound voice calls. By this means, your customers need to dial single number for their queries and a recorded message gets displayed. Also, customers call can be transferred to the concerned agents so as to give them immediate answers. Thus, it helps your clients to stay connected with you all the time.

2.After analyzing the call data of your customers, you can customize the option for calling your customers.

3.Furthermore, you can interlink your telephone system with customer database available online. This will maintain your online phone directory with numbers and names of your customers so that you can call your customers automatically. In case, you have missed any call by mistake then you can reschedule those calls later.

4.There is advanced call

Feb 12

Creating A Cloud Server Service – Some Minimum Requirements That Will Support Effective Performance

Setting up a cloud server service involves multiple requirements and the following article will discuss some of them. A cloud server needs an operating system. The OS can be closed-source or open-source. The operating system needs to have good scalability and flexibility as well. For example using Ubuntu Server in a cloud server means the server’s power can be increased and decreased without the necessity for manual intervention. When setting up UK cloud servers for business service, an infrastructure platform like Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) can be very beneficial. The process of providing computing power as and when required is automated by UEC and idle time is also decreased.

There will need to be cloud server local support technology. In a cloud foundation there are many local support functions which are supporting various kinds of applications, an example of which is Microsoft CRM Live that assists in supporting data-oriented business applications or AppEngine by Google that assists Python web applications to run.

When a single cloud server receives high traffic volume this causes congestion which can block some visitors from getting access to the server and can in some cases cause the server to crash. UK cloud servers being utilised by many people should be redundant. This means that the load experienced by one cloud server can be spread over two or more cloud servers, which reduces the congestion. Redundancy is also useful if there is a cloud server failure because another server takes over from the failed server. The more redundant servers there are the more reliable cloud servers UK service providers can offer. Another method for increasing the dependability of cloud servers is to have an uninterruptible power supply for each cloud server.

In terms of configuring a UK cloud server hosts offer their customers a choice in

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