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Role Of Software Testing Services And Cloud Computing

Software testing services are an important part of SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle). A Gartner report once stated that most of the software defects found in production cost four times more compared to when fixing those defects during system testing, and about 200 times more if the defects were identified during the definition of requirements.

A study conducted by AMR Research, Boston, MA, also revealed that outsourcing software testing services to offshore development centers saves companies to up to 75% in in-house costs. The study further revealed that the services provided in countries like India rank well qualitatively, and offshoring has become less risky with time as these countries are upping their performance levels. The study says that software testing is a crucial process as the cost of finding and fixing defects is reported to be eating nearly 50% of the total development cost for all software development projects.

Cloud computing services are said to be scalable on demand. Businesses verify whether they can handle the workload of the proposed project by load or stress testing. These types of offshore software testing services can prove that the developed solution is scalable according to the requirements. By applying techniques which can ascertain the load, the estimates can be given efficiently.

Most software performance testing techniques measure and verify systems performance accurately. Using both performance testing and load testing in consonance, the user allows an accurate image of the solutions ability over the cloud to be created. Security testing helps in providing assurance that critical data related to a business is stored and delivered safely. Offshore software testing methods like penetration testing help in proving that the mechanism that are developed to maintain security will remain intact.

These are some of the points related to the performance software testing process

Feb 27

A Detailed Overview Of Quickbooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is a feasible choice for the tiny and budding business enterprises because it offers many advantages like reduced cost of ownership, easy installation, anytime-anywhere access and easy integration with other applications.

Secure Your Account Data in One Saturated Place and Access Data from Anywhere!

Do you want to give a new pace to your accounting operations? QuickBooks is a handy accounting ensures that helps businesses making use of their accounting requirements. It’s ranked amongst the best accounting software found in the United States, UK, Canada and multiple other regions. This software is such an excellent tool that accounting, CPAs and business owners take full advantage of it.

Managing Financial accounts with QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Having the complete details of one’s accounting data at your fingertips and being blessed with the easy-to-manage financial operations anytime give you the freedom to control time efficiently and complete all processes in the pre-defined manner. For individuals managing both business and accounting, enough time saved might be specialized in other important business decisions. Its a solution that helps in saving time and money.

On-The-Go Accessibility!

Any data from the existing desktop applications might be easily transferred to the remotely hosted server. The users simply need certainly to login making use of their credentials and gain access to their dedicated servers. The best spend cloud accounting solutions is that there’s no hardware installation required at the user’s end.

What’s inside for the users?

The absolute most critical benefit that accompany QuickBooks hosting is savings in expenditure. And this really is just one reason for the small business firms and individual clients to consider the switch. You’ll find so a number of other benefits related to hosting this accounting application on the cloud. Some benefits include:

Dedicated hosting for secure usage: Users

Feb 27

Cloud Dependent Solutions In The Philippines Wheels Are Happily Turning

Five many years ago, outsourcing was a soaring pattern that was neither specific nor orthodox. 5 decades ago, the cloud-computing marketplace was only a whisper of a thing unsure. Cloud computing in Philippines is an even much more vague thought. 50 % a decade later, outsourcing is a megatrend with no signals of slowing down and the business of cloud computing is on its way to getting a household title.

Outsourcing has become a single of the most sought-immediately after organization solutions in the sector these days. But when people today say cloud computing, it is usually followed by blank stares complete with a scratch in the head. Not ot point out a thousand other misconceptions. And when you consider to at the very least explain it to other people, their eyes glaze more than and you could virtually listen to the wheels in their brain quit turning or doing a screeching sound as if making an attempt to flip but there is some thing blocking their way. Certainly, I know this. I was after a person of all those people today whose mind has quickly shut down or slowed (loading, loading) mainly because of the jargons and technical terms that I have never ever in my daily life encountered. And I have encountered a lot.

To make factors uncomplicated, cloud answers are company answers independent of any software program. Basically, they make use of purposes readily offered and obtainable through the web. So your files, paperwork, photographs, graphics and other folks are saved in an software on-line. This indicates you can entry them at any time, anywhere making use of any unit that is near you. All you need to have is a laptop unit and an Internet link. Certainly, individuals, this is the solution of the century –

Feb 24

Appraisals of the cloud system Mobile cloud and Cloud ROI

There are many factors which influence a cloud ROI. While calculating must consider the relevant factors and costs of cloud applications.

The cloud computing model features countless benefits. One of the core benefits of the cloud computing system is that it holds enough power to produce cost savings initiations for businesses. The cloud system eliminates the traditional wiring relationships between server, application, network, storage and hardware. The loud application has decomposed all the traditional constraints and has brought in latest and more efficient and reliable ways especially for the businesses.

The Cloud system features lowcosting commodity hardware along with the facility of softwarebased management, which brings along number of alternative configurations. All these graded features of cloud have lead to its increased demand because of the simple reason that these beneficial features of loud system has bestowed great returns on the technology investments of the business houses.

The cloud application is a door to new activities that might not fit into the standards of ROI calculation. For example, if you are spending $100,000 each month on an ecommerce site which generates $110,000 each month. The ROI here stands 10%. If you outsource the hosting to a cloud service provider, then it might lower your expenses by $20,000 each month, the income generated being the same, and the ROI would then rise to 37.5%.

Along with Cloud ROI, Mobile Cloud Platform adds up to the quality features of cloud system. The cloud mobile application platform is a perfect mobile app that enhances the value of the handsets. This SaaS based platform allows the users to access tablets and smart phones anywhere anytime. Mobile cloud offers a set of core integrations along with leading market testing tools enabling the organizations to extend their existing Application with cost effective

Feb 24

Google Cloud Storage Strategy Using Cloud Hero As Disaster Recovery

Google Cloud Storage Strategy using Cloud Hero as Disaster Recovery

Google Cloud Storage is a normal fit for Disaster recovery. It could also be the most prominent use case for cloud storage because the storage is offsite and faster than tape or other options.

Step 1 Find a Cloud Storage Provider
Many will pick either Amazon S3 or Rack Space Cloud Files. These two are the biggest 2 cloud storage service providers.

However, we observe many other choices which started this year. For example, Windows Azure started in January. Google Storage announced around May. EMC World introduced the EMC Atmos.

This article discusses in more details on how to pick a cloud storage service.

Step 2 Organize Storage Tiers
You may need to categorize your internal data first. Such as the data on this server is more essential, the folders with these names are important and so on.

Step 3 Find the Cloud Access Solution
If you have a backup solution already, like as Symantec Backup Exec, or Comm Vault Simpana, these solutions may have partnered with cloud storage vendors to give you both the backup answer and the cloud storage solution.

If you just have the local backup solution and need a system put in place to save the output of the backup to the cloud, you can find a solution at Cloud Hero (www.cloudhero.com). For example, you can use Cloud Hero to attach cloud storage to file server and backup the network shared files and folders with a click of a mouse.

Step 4 Find a Backup Cloud Storage Provider

Just like you dont put all your eggs in one basket, you may need to do your local backup and use Cloud Hero to backup data to Google Storage

Feb 24

Cloud Security Cup Usa Vs. Europe (spoiler Its Not A 0-0 Draw)

With the World cup in full swing, one cannot help but compare the US to our neighbors around the world. The event begs it. We see our skills, our style, our strategy and our fans all juxtaposed with more established soccer powers from around the globe.

And, I have to admit, some things are just better in Europe: Soccer for one. If pressed, Ill concede fashion, sports cars, and public transportation as well. But what about Cloud Security?

Privacy: Europe 1 US 0

Given the concerns around the US Patriot Act and US government-issued blind subpoenas, there is a growing school of thought encouraging IT shops to use cloud services that are headquartered in privacy-friendly countries (i.e. EU).

Why? Well, under the US Patriot Act, US intelligence agencies are permitted to access data owned by non-US citizens stored on clouds hosted by US companies.

This perspective has been championed by European IT leaders such as John Finch, CIO of the Bank of England. Hes said, You need to think about where Cloud companies are domiciled. Even if that well-known cloud provider says dont worry, if theyre an American company, your data is linked to the American Patriot Act. That means if the FBI or CIA want it, theyve got it. Think about what youre giving and when.

Security: US 1 Europe 0

However, the data tells a different story. While privacy is important, one cannot ignore data security. Based on statistics from Skyhighs Cloud Registry, which uses a security framework developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), 9% of cloud services headquartered in the EU are high risk, compared to only 5% of cloud services headquartered in the US. So, while EU-based cloud services provide some protection from the US Patriot Act, they do expose organizations to greater

Feb 24

Cloud Computing & Virtualization – Technology Options

Cloud computing is changing the IT world in a way which is unprecedented in last decade. The economy of scale and predicable performance is pushing cloud computing across the enterprises. A significant part of the cloud-computing infrastructure available in world consists of reliable services delivered through data centers such as Amazon. In principle, cloud-computing customers do not own the physical infrastructure, instead avoiding capital expenditure by renting usage from a third-party provider.

Although cloud computing is a very promising paradigm, still not every company would want to use public clouds. Especially for core applications and applications with sensitive data, enterprises lean towards private clouds.

There are many technology options available today for cloud computing.


VMware is the industrys first cloud operating system, transforming IT infrastructures into a private cloud. High availability, performance and reliability of VMware with cost-effective solutions are special advantages for small IT environments.

VMware brings unique characteristics to cloud computing, designed to serve the needs of businesses that want production-level performance and reliability, on and off premise.

VMware vSphere: Leveraging key technology advancements found in VMware vSphere, users get the assurance that applications can be managed, moved and operated in the cloud as they do onsite. VMware vSphere aggregates and holistically manages large pools of infrastructureprocessors, storage and networking as a seamless, flexible and dynamic operating environment.

VMware ESXi and VMWare Server: Besides vSphere, VMware also offers VMware ESXi, which can be used as initial virtualization platforms. Once user is convinced of the value, he can move to more robust VMware vSphere stack.


Microsoft’s cloud offerings have the Hyper-V and the Windows Azure Platform which is a development platform for ISVs to build applications on

Hyper-V: Microsoft Hyper-V is a hypervisor based virtualization system that can be used for x64 computers. Hyper-V can be used

Feb 24

The Year in which Cloud Technology will be on Cloud Nine

Off lately, Cloud computing is definitely achieving great heights and is the latest buzz in the IT world. It has revolutionized the technology when it comes to provision of service, because Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a metered service over a network. Cloud computing is definitely the need of the hour in this information age as it enables computation, data access, software and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. Cloud Computing has also enabled the business organizations to cut down on their expenditures and in turn helps in proliferation of revenue. Cloud computing has enabled the organizations to achieve the set targets in an efficient manner. There are different deployment models of cloud computing. These are: Public cloud, Community cloud, Hybrid cloud and Private cloud. But the technology does not comes alone, it bring along with it the concerns for security. It can be easily said that the popularity that cloud computing is achieving is directly proportional to the concerns that are being voiced about the security issues introduced through adoption of this new model. Security in cloud computing model is imperative. The relative security of cloud computing services is for sure a contentious issue that may be delaying its adoption. Issues barring the adoption of cloud computing are due in large part to the private and public sectors unease surrounding the external management of security-based services. It is the very nature of cloud computing-based services, private or public, that promote external management of provided services. This delivers great incentive to cloud computing service providers to prioritize building and maintaining strong management

Feb 23

How To Plan For Resilient Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud is currently the most happening discussion around IT industry. Cloud has made it possible for organizations to operate in a scalable, virtualized environment that is adjustable to changing IT requirements as a firm grows without increasing its capital investment on IT infrastructure.

Cloud has allowed companies to outsource infrastructure necessities and free software from licensing regulations. Information and applications stored in cloud are accessible on any internet device authenticated for cloud access. Cloud has made IT commercially viable. Below we have listed some of the immediate benefits of adopting cloud that have made it a popular choice.

Scalable i.e. its capacity can be adjusted to accommodate growing IT needs of an organization
Accessible from anywhere and anytime
Elastic works on load distribution formula and can accommodate sudden increase in demand by spawning
Resilient with competitive Turn Around Time (TAT)
Reduces dependency on in-house IT team
Allows hosting and transition facilities for both cloud and in-house enterprise application ecosystem
Collaborate more easily with traditional licensed software

Apart from immediate benefits there are several more that can be called auxiliary advantages of cloud. However, till date the greatest challenge in smooth adoption of cloud has been cloud outage and security concerns.

Cloud Solution for SAP

For many organizations SAP environment is critical for operational success. As a result, there is a process to host SAP applications on cloud to merge the benefits of both for optimizing and streamlining operational methods. Hosting SAP on cloud translates into the benefits mentioned below.

Advantages of hosting applications on a scalable and flexible cloud environment
Lowering cost of maintaining SAP infrastructure and total cost of ownership
Reduces SAP administration pressure and expenses

Importance of disaster recovery policy

Since cloud operates on pooled resource concept data

Feb 23

The Future of the Data Recovery Industry in the Age of the Cloud

The Cloud is a term unfamiliar to many; it is a shift from computing as a product to delivering computing as a utility like a cable service. The user would share resources, software, and storage facilities. The cloud will take care of configuration, virus scanning, maintenance, and act as a data warehouse in an unknown location. This is not a good omen for small companies providing data recovery and other end user products and services.

The Data Recovery sector services deal with hard drives so when looking at future trends away from hard drives to store your files and software there are many computer service companies that have cause for concern. There is a laptop out now with Google’s own operating system rather than competitor Microsoft, it’s a free operating system with Office Suite. Google Chromebooks is a new cloud computing system where almost no data is stored on the laptop and all the software loading and troubleshooting is somebody else’s problem for $28 a month. You’re given an ID number to log in from any computer; people will still think in terms of PC but total cloud computing is anything but personal.

There is a hastening trend toward centralization that is part of the social engineering we are currently undergoing; it has been planned out well ahead of time by a corporate and military hierarchy who are decades further advanced in technology than they reveal to the public. The Internet was originally used by the military and introduced to the public through academic institutions, as the Cloud is servicing universities in Europe today.

In his book “Between Two Ages” in 1970 former U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski stated that they gave the Internet to the public to bring in global standardization. He states: “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance

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