Nov 25

An Small Business Owner’s Guide For Using Cloud Telephone Systems

Most business houses – small as well as medium, have by now become more or less familiar with the term cloud telephone system. This is a new and emerging trend of communication in which the business houses can have access to multiple resources of computing as well as parallel modes of communication each and every component of which is connected to an online setup of network.

The most significant part of this technology is that a sizeable portion of the communication and computer set up that we are referred to, may be located in a place that is well beyond the promises of a business house. Yet, by the virtue of this communication network all these components are easily and seamlessly accessible with the help of a software platform that connect all the components of the set up.

Now let us discuss in brief some ways how this cloud telephone system can be utilized to optimization of the business activities.

1) Cloud computing system can be used in routing the inbound calls. This is pertinent especially for the call centers which thrive on customer care service (domestic as well as international). This technology can be used to help to customers make a call at a single number to have their queries answered and issues resolved. Even if the call center is situated thousands of miles apart, every single call can be transferred instantaneously to the appropriate department taking the help of cloud computing.

2) This system provides a customized process of call transferring and calling up customers by analyzing the sets of call data as per the requirement or the issue of each and every individual customers, if and when needed.

3) This technology can be used to connect various business associates, keep in touch with them at any given point in time 24×7, co-ordinate between the management teams and facilitate a seamless flow of business communication between various facets of the business, irrespective of their individual locations

4) The system can be used to maintain high end call software domains to gauge and evaluate customer responses against the information stored in the database to ensure flawless, perfect and transparent business activities, more so if a business is dealing with sensible financial data of the customers. This not only secures the financial safety of the customers but also enhances the credibility of the business. And this helps a long way to increase the goodwill in the business fraternity.

5) Cloud computing can also be used to decrease the cost of communication and eliminate the costs that were associated with long distance calling in a great way.

The entire technology has revolutionized the concept of communication in all possible ways and the SMDs are going to benefit from this is a great way in the days to come.

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