Mar 03

Benefits of Cloud VPS Hosting

If you are the point where you are deciding the best kind of hosting to provide for your website, then you may think the most difficult part of development is over. And, in a way, you are right. But people tend to get to this point and are so excited to have their site on the web, and so tired from the long nights and delays that they will jump at any reasonable offer just to make the whole process faster. The problem with this is that people get strung into phony plans and plans that are not well-suited for the needs or expectations of their site. For instance, when you get shared hosting, if your site takes off, then you might run into some serious latency issues. You also may, from no fault of your own, have a security breach because another website on your server was vulnerable, exposing the entire server to attack. This article will help explain why cloud VPS hosting is one of your best, if not the best, option for any new web developer. Cloud VPS >

Cloud VPS hosting stands for virtual private server, and what it essentially does is give you the autonomy of a dedicated server with the efficiency and cost of a shared server. Instead of having a physical server with dedicated resources, you have dedicated resources delivered by a cloud OS (of your choice), which can be pulling from one or dozens of different servers. This means not only will your resources never be in competition, it also means there is heavy redundancy, keeping your site safe without needing to purchase a second physical server. Furthermore, VPS servers will allow easy access over the Internet, increasing user accessibility even more. Ultimately, there is very little downside, except having a site running too well!

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