Feb 14

Centurylink Cloud Storage

In todays digital age, cloud storage has become a necessity. Virtually all business information financials, files, videos, etc. are stored on company hard drives. But what if something happens to those hard drives and they are no longer accessible? Hardware failure, user error, fire, theft, natural disasters, etc. often come when they are least expected, and can potentially wipe out a companys irreplaceable information.

Cloud storage acts like a form of insurance for your important information. Not only can you retrieve any lost data in the event of an unexpected event, but you can also access and share your documents anywhere, anytime. All cloud storage services allow you to access and share your files on any PC, laptop, or mobile device via apps and/or a specific browser.

As the third largest telecommunications company in the United States, CenturyLink is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise customers. CenturyLinks robust portfolio contains a number of cloud-based services and infrastructure elements. Backed by 17 CyberCenters, CenturyLink cloud services are reliable and flexible enough to benefit businesses of all sizes.

CenturyLinks cloud storage service leverages its Data Centers, which are all connected with cutting-edge, OC768 bandwidth to its fiber-optic IP network, in order to provide you with the ability to archive, restore, and retrieve your data, letting you focus on what is most important your business.

CenturyLink Storage Features include:

RAID (Redundant display of inexpensive disks) protected

Single or dual paths for redundancy

SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for disk availability

Online management and configuration

Any server in the fabric can communicate with any storage device in the SAN

Forrester research indicates that storage budgets have grown steadily for over the past 5 years. Dont wait until its too late to secure your businesss most important information, act now! For more information on CenturyLinks Cloud Storage solution and how it can help benefit your business, as well as additional services, contact one of our professional representatives today.


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