Dec 31

Cloud 9 Super Contract Underlay Will Make Your Floors Feel Luxurious

Having a thick carpet to walk on after a hard dayswork can feel like such a luxury. To sink your feet in to the deep pile and walk upon the softness can help to relieve the stresses and strains of the day and you can feel the tension oozing out of your body. One of the important things about achieving this luxury is the use of a good quality underlay for your carpets, especially something from the Cloud 9 underlay range which includes the Cloud 9 Super Contract underlay and the Cloud 9 Cumulus underlay.

The Cloud 9 Carpet underlay range offers excellent heat and sound insulation but they are lighter than conventional rubber underlays as well as beingmanufactured from recycled materials and guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the initial carpet installation. Cloud 9 Cumulus underlay is one of the best underlays around today and is the best seller in the Cloud 9 underlay range. Its 11mm thickness oozes comfort with every step you take. It gives that soft sumptuous sponge feeling underfoot as well as giving superb sound proofing & insulation properties. It comprises a stitched paper backing to prevent overstretching and can be used in all areas from general to heavy domestic. Remember that the silvery side with the lettering on is face up.

With the climate the way it is at the moment everyone is tending to watch what they spend on certain things. However, the Cloud 9 Super Contract underlay would be an excellent investment whether it is going under a new carpet or an existing one this underlay will last for the lifetime of the carpet its under. You may be tempted to not bother with an underlay, or to go for the cheapest option thinking that it is not worth spending money on a good quality one, but this would be a mistake since there are many reasons for choosing a good underlay. The most important one is the fact that a quality underlay will help to extend the lifetime of your carpet and so save you money in the long run.

Why Choose Underlay?

Feels Better
Looks Better
Lasts Longer
Less Noise
Warmer Room
Protects Carpet
Can lower heating bills
Reduces impact of marks from heavy furniture
Reduces wear and dust
Provides luxurious comfort and warmth

The Cloud 9 Cirrus underlay is also available and this excellent luxury foam feels good underfoot and has the benefits you would expect from a high quality carpet underlay. This underlay in appearance has a printed stitched bonded crepe paper top and a white nonwoven fabric bottom surface. It is an easy to handle, lightweight carpet underlay which is well suited to luxury use areas such as living room and bedroom. Its Tog rating of 2.3 means that it retains the heat to ensure maximum comfort and warmth to any floor. Most of the products in the Cloud 9 underlay range are guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet when used in recommended areas.


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