Mar 15

Cloud Computing Services Are Slated To Flourish In India

Innovations in computing technologies and software applications have taken a paradigm shift in India. Today, with the help of such technologies we can set up virtual work places and carry on other professional agendas. At the same time, another development that is flourishing fast in India is the concept of cloud computing.

Today IT analysts opine that the Indian IT organizations irrespective of their huge workforces till date have been able to capture only a minimal portion of the global IT services space as far as the revenues go. Majority here comprise of the category of jobs those results in staying in the low-end of the developmental life cycle. Therefore, irrespective of the fact the numerous IT developers today participate in the maintenance and active testing of IT systems globally, they seldom ideate or create.

This can be considered one of the major drawbacks because of which India has had a slow progress in the IT sector and other associated technological development. This concern today is no more the worrying point with the advent and spread of the cloud computing services. These services offer innovative solutions that result in making IT operations efficient and better.

Today cloud computing is such a ground breaking technology, where the development depends very less on the geographical placement of the resources. The access and reach is vast and broader. Renowned service providers offering cloud-computing solution cater to multiple users and client requirement with the help of their public cloud environment.

Such solutions enable in organization in online provisioning and there pay-per use model leads to an efficient management. Furthermore, the IT infrastructure is available anytime with the help of the web from any location. Few other beneficial services that they offer are listed below-

1. Enables the users in self-provisioning servers, network, storage infrastructure real-time from anywhere, anytime

2. All the resources are accessed over a secure connection

3. Allows instant deployment of new serves with no capital expenditure on hardware and software

4. There is a highly available multi-tenant environment

5. Next-stage IaaS platform

6. On-demand Compute and Storage

7. Comprehensive self-provisioning cloud grids

8. Instant scalability Have the same network topology and policies that are

9. Pay-as-you-use existent in your own data centre

10. Offers flexible services, scale servers and storage in real time

11. Offers industry leading SLAs backed by services credits

Today cloud-computing services in India are estimated to flourish successfully in the days to come. Other allied activities in this field include the datacenter collocation, virtualization and consolidation. Eminent market players in cloud computing solutions also deal in advanced datacenters across the country. For instance, few data centers in Mumbai and Data Center in Bangalore provide effective hosting platforms for business and leads to global market expansion.


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