Mar 09

Cloud Computing-what Actually Is It

The professionals in the domain of computing are very much aware of the concept called Cloud Computing. It is new in this domain; however, it has been welcomed with a huge roar. Cloud computing, generally, is nothing but providing computing not as a product but as a service. In this evolving technology, utilities such as software are provided to other computers. End users who use cloud computing dont need to have knowledge about it, rather it can be said that a user might not even be aware that he or she is using cloud computing. Through cloud computing, various services are provided over the internet which only needs a web browser and an internet connection to be accessed.

In this technology, every utility like the software and resources are all stored in a central remote server, anyone can use it on its own PC with the help of an internet connection and a web browser. Cloud computing has a host of advantages which include faster running of applications, easy manageability, rapid access etc… Most of the services are being offered over a shared resource and the concept of cloud computing has been already involved is satisfying the IT needs of several organizations and it has been doing it quite efficiently.

Almost every characteristic of this technology is better than its counterparts. With less cost and easier manageability, this technology is surely on the rise and the most profit of this is enjoyed by the cloud computing leaders. The utilities offered by cloud computing also referred to as Cloudilities are the ones that primarily serve the needs of a specific organization. Almost all cloudility is put on the cloud to serve the needs; this increases the traffic load a bit over the internet. The solution to this problem is also into existence with cloud computing leaders providing efficient software that aim at reducing the message size thereby also easing the load over the internet.

With better management from the side of cloud computing providers, the future of this concept looks bright and it seems that this concept is here to stay. There is no disadvantage to this actually so a concept having no negative side to it which is bound to be accepted by the mass rapidly and that is what is actually happening in the present era. The time has come for us to make a move and gibe a try to this new and wonderful concept.


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