Mar 13

Cloud Computing With Sunoracle

One of the main advantages that the Sun/Oracle cloud computing invironment offers is a integration of componets from the ground up. This solid approach incorporates standard components that are easier to deploy and manage, coupled with better perforance and greater security, reliability, and lower cost of ownershop. Oracle/Sun propostion have the following advantages from a cleaner stack built from the ground up.
Sun/Oracles over all Cloud strategy ensures that cloud computing is fully enterprise grade that supports both public and priviate cloud computing. On top if this infrastructure invironment, includes the base model private cloud evolution starting with the Silo approach (Physical, Dedicated, Static and Heterogenous), the Grid (Virtual, Shared services, Dynamic, Standardized appliances) Private Cloud (Self-service, Policy based resource management, Changeback and Capacity planning) and finally Hybrid (Federation with public clouds, Ineroperability and Cloud bursting). One of the value-ads that Oracle brings is that Oracle offers all of their applications as a service.
With Sun, Oracle has a complete suite of storage, processing and networking hardware or a Cloud in a Box when you bring in the very rich and capbably Oracle software (firmware,operating software, and virtualization optimization). This is a true cloud in a box that no other cloud company can offers today.
Oracle had a distiinct advantage when they bought Sun. Sun Microsytems had a head start with cloud computing before Oracle bought them. Sun had bought a company called Q-layer that allowed them to build a virtual data center, Oracle liked that collobaortion between Q-layer and Sun and added it direclty to their self service provsioning portal.
What can cloud computing do for your business?

With cloud computing, organizations like yours need to understand where and how technology services can benefit from cloud solutions. You can combine cloud computing with your traditional IT Infrastructure to create an IT model that is best for you. You can deliver IT services from a public cloud, private cloud or a flexible hybrid delivery model as you become an Instant-On Enterprise.
Asset Conversion Services supports both Sun/Oracle as well as Rackspace cloud offerings. Where Sun/Oracle offers a more robust and enterprise worthy cloud invironoment, Rackspace offers a wider range of lower cost hybrid cloud computing.
Obviously each company looking into going to the cloud has to do their research and to see what is the best fit for their invirnoment. Asset Conversion Services has relationships with Sun/Oracle that go back 20 years as well as relationships with companies like RackSpace, Amazon, Raging Wire, Hosting.com and EWS. If you are going to move into the cloud and need assistance in making a decision we can help. If it is a matter of upgrading or selling off your current computing invironment to move to RackSpace or Sun/Oracle we not only are partners, but we can broker you a deal that will insure you get your moneys worth.


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