Nov 27

Cloud Messaging And Text Message Broadcasting With Call4smile

Call4smile is a website which is offering all kind of communication marketing services. For those who own an agency organization and they want to talk with their customers, or to inform them about offers, or payment invoices, the call4smile service is offering text message broadcasting service, voice broadcasting service, or sms text messaging for very affordable prices. This is a new method of contacting the customers, discussing about projects, issues, company goals, attracting funds, partners, or customers. Using these services a contractor can increase his incomes, the number of customers, and also their loyalty.

The call4smile services are very simple, and affordable to everyone, and your business will work properly. You don’t have to struggle and to worry that you need to contact your customers frequently, because the services offered by call4smile are solving all your problems, and for an affordable price you can inform your customers or contractors about any news, invoice payment, changes, offers, special prizes, contests or anything else by sending them text messages, vocal messages, or broadcast phone messages. Very simple to use and with a lot of features, call4smile is one of the best communication marketing services from the International market, with a lot of happy customers and users. The registration is free and you pay only when you select the services that are necessary for your company or agency. Also, you can pay at the end of the month, when the text messages that you’ve sent are counted and you pay per sms, for example, 0.5$ per sms.

Also, you can save your contact list after you’ve created you account, adding all the customers that are subscribed to your agency or company, and you can select one message for all of them, sending it as fast as possible to everyone. This way, they will know when they need to pay their invoices, or if there is any special offer available on a certain period of time. This platform is used by a lot of companies and brands, and that’s the best method to keep the attention of a customer or to inform him when he needs to pay something.

Offering a lot of features such as cloud messaging, sms marketing, or fax broadcasting, call4smile is one of the best communication marketing platforms from the world, and it’s attracting more and more contractors, organizations and companies with its special features.

ICT Vision is a pioneer service provider for cloud-based messaging service as well as hosted voice broadcasting and text message broadcasting services according to clients’ specific needs & requirements.


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