Mar 07

Cloud Services Of Bsnl Idc Make Your Life Easy And Hassle Free!

There are multiple factors that make BSNL IDC as one of the leading providers of Cloud Services. With more than 17 types of cloud computing services, It is truly stands out as one of the most prominent Cloud service providers in the country. Some of the features that contribute in placing BSNL IDC in the leading position for Cloud service providers include low latency network, utility models adding value to the customer requirements, efficient data center cluster, high level of data security, integrated service management tool, etc. One of the major highlights of this organization is the Tier III data centers, certified by the Uptime Institute. BSNL IDC boasts of being the first among the other Cloud computing service providers in India to acquire this certification.
BSNL IDC provides a versatile suite of Cloud Services that are equipped to meet even the most complex requirements of high profile organizations. The organization makes simple and effective solutions out of the highly complex Cloud. These easy to use, fast, secure, useful and IT friendly Cloud Services make running highly complex applications look simple and easy to use and thus, makes BSNL IDS one of the leading Cloud computing service providers in India.
Implementing Cloud Services require two primary components, namely, architecture and automation. BSNL IDC uses both very effectively so as to become one of the leading Cloud computing service providers in India. Apart from being known for its other Cloud services, BSNL IDC is also known or being one of the leading Public Cloud service providers. This service is called CaaS or Public Compute as a Service which caters to high profile customer demands that include on-demand computing, networking, and storage. The API provided by BSNL IDC allows automation of the operations and so, all your business needs are taken care of efficiently.
If your business requires Private Cloud Services, think no further! BSNL IDC will provide solutions to all your needs ranging from, governance, agility, security, and fast delivery. Even if your organization lacks the expertise of developing and managing private Cloud, Cloud service providers can help you in governance and management, information security and confidentiality, cost reduction, and risk handling effectively. More and more organizations are opting Cloud Services for different IT and other challenges that are faced while running a company. Being one of the leading Cloud computing service providers in India, BSNL IDC can be your ideal partner to address all these challenges effectively.


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