Dec 23

Cloud Website Hosting

Everyone knows that why and when we need a web hosting. Of course when we want to make our website accessible for the entire world we will need a website hosting provider. The company will place our site on their server and will be visible to the entire world. When you choose you web hosting package you have to estimate about number of visitors. You get limited web space and limited monthly bandwidth and if the number of visitors exceeds then your website will be down or say crash. If you require better services that mean more bandwidth then you need to pay more cost. Its important for the large companies to have a lot of bandwidth to prevent their website from crashing when they have a lot of visitors on their site which is the aim of all the websites.

Cloud hosting can help that websites to prevent from crashing problems. Many times we say cloud hosting as cluster hosting. In cloud hosting your website is hosted by an infrastructure of servers. Here the hosting is shared between the servers which provide you the freedom from restriction of just one single spec. Use of multiple servers in cloud website hosting give you unlimited bandwidth and space. So if your website needs more bandwidth then it spreads the traffic between all servers.

We called this process load balancing and due to this feature cloud website hosting is apart from other hosting. The task to manage load is performed by the software and occurs automatically- adding or removing servers from the cluster as needed. This also has the added benefit of meaning there’s no need for down-time during maintenance or server failure, as that server will simply be taken out of the cluster. So you can now understand that why your should choose cloud website hosting for your website.


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