Dec 23

Ensuring Business Efficiency With Private Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting infrastructure is one of a kind that enables any business to achieve higher efficiency through providing a wide range of resources. Private cloud is a new addition to this ultimate infrastructure. In private cloud hosting, one private cloud is dedicated to one company. Private cloud ensures and enhances business efficiency as it concentrates on two major areas – High Availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance (FT). Even if you consider private cloud as an additional outlay now, it will surely result in saving big money in the future. The cloud is based on virtualization, the main benefit of this technology is that the user can separate the software upgrade cycle from the hardware upgrades, therefore there are no issues in terms of updating the server OS. Most of the business owners opt for private cloud when they need more control over their data by utilizing the services of a web host. The framework of a private cloud ensures higher efficiency as it focuses on the internal structure of the organization. Hosting on a private cloud is a very efficient way to achieve business automation and thereby increase profitability. Private cloud is the usual cloud framework with some additional benefits.

The business that owns the private cloud has complete control over the implementation of the private cloud; this comprises of the choice of operating system, networking, the hardware and software resources used. The most stringent requirements of a private cloud include, the disk space, memory and the processors used. In case you have a hardware available and it is idle, than that can also be used for the functioning of the private cloud. Before hosting on a private cloud, it is crucial to consider the resource requirements as if you undertake a software upgrade cycle 18 months later, this process will need more resources than its predecessor.

Private cloud makes data transmission very easy. The user gets full SSH root access and full RDP access; this provides with easy backup and restore facilities and it is also easy to run the applications. The private cloud network is very secure as it is based on a private LAN. A business has complete discretion over the cloud as it is its private network. Private cloud is a very efficient ay of cloud hosting and it is an equivalent to dedicated hosting. Private cloud also provides with other powerful features like 100% power uptime, 100% network uptime, Pro-active server and offsite backup; therefore achieving higher business efficiency becomes possible. Business automation is also ensured through a private cloud, as the complete cloud infrastructure is dedicated to one business; therefore business processes become faster. As a result of the resources and features offered by the private cloud, it has become the preferred hosting choices of most of the big businesses today.


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