Dec 30

Have A Date With Handsome Cloud Strife

To girls fascinated, together with boys, a stunning young Cloud Strife emerged all of a sudden. Blond hair, striking blue eyes, dark clothing and his Buster Sword come on strong impression to people. Apart from Cloud personalized nature, the nice costume, I believe, is also main reason why people love him so much. Presently, there is a golden opportunity that Cloud Strife costume is hot best-selling.

Along with widespread success, the character cloud strife has been rooted among the people. He made his debut in Final Fantasy , and successively arose in FFVII, FF Tactics, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, the Kingdom Hearts game, and Itadaki Street Special. “I pity you. You just don’t get it at all … there’s not a thing I don’t cherish!” Initially, Cloud is such a boy with somewhat cocky and selfish attitude, while, as the story develops, he changes a lot. His style and personality get more preferences along with his growth.

Originally, Clouds suit is an ordinary standard outfit for 1st class soldiers in Final Fantasy , which consist of pants, sleeveless shirt, and at the same time, accompanying with a belt. A matching gauntlet with a single pauldron over his left shoulder adds the finishing touches to this unique. Hardly does he change his clothing. In most of his appearances, he almost wears this uniform.

Indeed, clouds uniform is different in diverse games. For instance, in Adventure Children, his costume design comes from a black robe, and then changes into the vision in the film. This dress contains sleeveless black shirt with high collar, black pant, boots as well as a piece of black cloth same as decorate covering his left arm and leg. Reference site1 given in resource box.

The clothes in Final Fantasy and Adventure Children are more attractive, do you think so?

Except these necessaries, Cloud wig also can give you a hand. Its so stylish as if its together with many small sharp swords or like a kind of cactus. Coming with expensive synthetic fiber and without chemical processing, Cloud wig promise you security.

I dont know how many people are addicted with him, but I know I drool over him for so long time. Now, dont miss this chance, harry up to begin your Cloud Strife journey.

Still lower price, special incentives, top quality and satisfied service is available. Besides, free custom-made is offered, if the standard size doesnt fit you perfectly. And the more you buy, the more you save! This costume is your best choice supposing that you have a Cloud cosplay show.

Are you poised to enjoy the Cloud Strife costume show? Have fun with an exciting new look. Get a move on!


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