Feb 13

How Cloud 9 Straighteners Combat Fake Imitations

Cloud 9 straighteners are consistently chosen by hair salons as top quality hair tools. These straighteners were actually created by the original founders of GHD technology. Industry insiders have predicted the success of Cloud 9 for years, because they simply work better than all other relevant devices out there.

Fake imitations of straighteners often only have one or two temperature settings. Unlike fake imitation straighteners, Cloud 9 straighteners have an adjustable temperature setting. With Cloud 9, one can fine tune the temperature to achieve the perfect hairstyle.

One of the other distinguishing features of Cloud 9 straighteners is the secret ingredient contained within the gold plates. Cloud 9 claims this secret ingredient adds extra gloss and shine to one’s hair. No other hair company in the market uses this secret ingredient in its own products. There is just something about this secret ingredient that makes one’s hair look stunning and fabulous. It is no wonder professional hair stylists all around the world use Cloud 9 straighteners and speculate as to what the ingredient could be!

The auto switch is a great safety feature as many straighteners do not contain a safety feature. The auto switch can tell whether or not a person is using the device. If a person has accidentally left his or her straightener on, then the device will automatically turn off. The auto switch works to prevent any unfortunate fires in a person’s home.

Aside from differences in quality, there are other ways to distinguish a Cloud 9 from others in the market. Cloud 9 straighteners have a traditional hologram placed upon them, which is an easy way to tell if it is a fake, as fake ones wont have the hologram.

Buying a Cloud 9 straightener from an authorised dealer or salon is one’s best bet for avoiding the fake straighteners out there. One should avoid buying straighteners from auction websites and unauthorised websites. There are plenty of unauthorised websites that sell fake straighteners, and many people unwittingly buy these straighteners believing them to be real.

In addition, every real Cloud 9 will contain a manufacturing code. If one is unsure whether the product is real or not, then one can call the manufacturer and find out if the code correlates to one on a master list. A fake straightener will contain a code that does not appear on the master list.

To find out if a Cloud 9 straightener is real or fake, one should simply look to the quality of the product. Many fakes are of low quality and cannot compare to high quality Cloud 9 straighteners.


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