Mar 03

Managed Cloud Services And Redundancies

Managed cloud services are cloud services provided usually to a company, the first party, for use by a second party who can be either employees or consumers and managed by yet a third party, the cloud services provider. These allow the consumers or employees to access computational resources in a convenient and flexible manner from remote locations and reduce the costs involved in the acquisition of such resources at the company level. The cloud services provider undertakes the initial investment costs and recoups these by leasing out the resources. The companies who opt for cloud services additionally reduce their costs in terms of support for IT staff.

Cloud based backups are a service where a company stores entire copies of their data on a different cloud server, ensuring that if the main server suffers fault then their operations will not be hampered. Cloud based storage can be a good redundancy when it comes to data since it is easily accessible and simple to use.

Cloud services providers provide backup solutions using access transparency where data is held in different locations, which can be accessed in a seamless and single interface for the end user. The dispersal of chunks of the data being backed up into different servers is done for security purposes. It ensures that the data is not sitting in a single location, which can prove to be a target for security breaches. Secondly, it also ensures that the backup has its own redundancy; should the primary back up servers fail then the secondary servers which contain the data backed up can be used.

The advantages of managed cloud services for a business are:

Cost reduction. By leasing infrastructure and software instead of buying, companies can have access to most expensive resources and capacities at a more affordable cost. The elimination of additional staff for support purposes also acts to reduce the costs further.

Flexibility and scalability; managed cloud services can be scaled up or down depending on the present needs of the client company. This allows for a reduction in service delivery and cost when not needed and an increase where circumstances call for it.

Security is provided by the cloud service provider and not only is this cost eliminated for the company but also better security solutions can be sourced.

Managed cloud solutions facilitate better business by leaving you to focus on your core competencies and business and handling the other issues for you.


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