Dec 31

Outsourced Accountants Take Small And Medium-sized Business Into The Cloud

Operating a small or medium-sized business in California requires the business owner to wear a lot of different hats. In addition to the core business, there are bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, payroll tax, financial planning and budgeting, and more essential tasks than can be listed. All of these take time and cost money as it takes the business owner and employees away from building the core business and servicing clients. Though many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the budget for a full-time accounting staff, they do have the same needs as the large corporations they compete with. Fortunately, outsourcing these tasks to a San Jose CPA and accountants has never been easier or more economical.

Businesses can choose from an “ala carte” menu of monthly accounting, finance, and HR services depending on their specific needs. Among the services that can be contracted include:

*Set up and configuration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
*Accounts receivables and payables
*Billing and collections
*Month end close
*Banking and cash application
*Management reporting
*Employee 401K and benefits preparation
*Executive financial management

The latest technologies in cloud computing allow for personalized applications that are instantly and securely accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection and a simple web browser. It is the next best thing to have an in-house accounting department with seamless access. Cloud computing saves money as it improves operations to allow information to be processed and delivered in real time without the need for added IT infrastructure, support, and maintenance. Application upgrades are done at no cost by cloud vendors, unlike on-premise software upgrades for increased efficiency and lower operating costs. Most clients of outsourced San Jose accountants save between 15 and 30 percent of their back office costs as they enjoy an improved level of support and service.

San Jose CPA and consulting services specialize in the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and the challenges they face in today’s competitive market. Flexible service platforms provided by cloud computing applications can be quickly scaled and individualized to serve the needs of growing companies quickly and efficiently. When the many hidden costs of on-premise software and hardware are illuminated, cloud computing almost always comes out as the most economical choice. Additionally, once cloud computing and best practices processes have been put into place, work processes can be easily transferred in-house when the company grows to the point to make this desirable.

When you are ready to streamline your small or medium-sized business to make it more efficient and profitable, take advantage of the services of San Jose consulting and CPA services to move into the cloud.


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