Feb 09

Of Impacted Cloud Providers Still Havent Updated Certificates 1 Week After Heartbleed

Looking at the latest data pulled this morning, much progress has been made and there are only 42 cloud security services that are vulnerable to Heartbleed. For these services, user data, passwords, and private keys for these services can be stolen using a simple exploit.

However, more alarming today is the number of cloud services that have not fully addressed their past vulnerability. After patching SSL, the next step cloud providers must take is to reissue their certificates. As reported by CloudFlare, Heartbleed can be used by an attacker to access private keys and impersonate a website. Since Heartbleed exploits dont leave a trace in server logs, cloud providers must assume their private keys have been compromised even if they dont have any evidence of them being stolen.

Certificate updates trail Heartbleed patching
Most websites have patched SSL but they are reissuing and revoking certificates at a much slower pace. Netcraft reported that only 30,000 websites (out of more than 500,000) reissued new certificates by the end of last week, and even fewer have revoked their certificates. While not completely eliminating the risk of a man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) this is a critical step in reducing the risk of these attacks.

Skyhigh is tracking certificate updates across cloud providers and as of this morning only 13.3% of cloud security service providers affected by Heartbleed have updated their certificates. A smaller percentage have both reissued and revoked their certificates, making them vulnerable to impersonation in a phishing scam or man-in-the-middle attack. Most certificate authorities have agreed to replace certificates for free, but there are complaints they arent prepared for the volume of certificates that need to be reissued.
Already were seeing that Heartbleed has exposed not just a vulnerability in SSL but vulnerabilities in the way we approach security.

Feb 08

How To Use Tweet Cloud For Your Twitter Account

If you already have set up your Tweet cloud page, remember to pay close attention to the text on your profile bio that describes who you are and what you do. Ensure that there is a link to your website and make sure that your website is attractive and provide valuable information. For example

Captivate Designs provide web design services, so it’s highlighted in my bio. It is important to remember that when potential customers take the time to read your bio, they want information that is interesting and helpful that will prompt them to visit your website or learn more about you.

Just like forums or blogs, you need to demonstrate that you are the expert, but you also don’t want to be too promotional. Provide expert opinions, directions and suggestions but also add in non business related tweets that’s not just all about you. Review tweets, or use the search engine to find tweets and be willing to offer bits of information or advice for free.

You can also do what is called re-tweeting. Re-tweeting is where you can repost a tweet from someone else. If you find a tweet that you consider to be of value to your followers, you can simply re-tweet this information on your page. The accepted way of re-tweeting is to type ‘RT’ followed by @ and the tweeter’s username.

All in all, Tweet cloud is a great tool that can expand your reach to customers and potential customers. It allows you to stay in touch and connect with people instantly. It can help drive your brand and communicate with customers in a way that you have never done before. Think about it? Never before have you been able to reach American Consumers by Millions in such a personal and

Feb 08

What Makes Tech Support For Cloud Computing So Popular

cloud computing companies have offered almost 80,000 jobs in the year 2010. This is really incredible as per the standards and, interestingly, contrasts the dictum where computing was blamed for cutting workforce. Cloud computing has increased not only the employment rate remarkably, but have also revolutionized the way businesses work, communicate and collaborate.

In the highly competitive market place where consumers expectation is also soaring high, it is necessary for every business owner to stay ahead with technology and go for efficient tech support for cloud computing. With each passing day, businesses are moving towards cloud computing because of its numerous benefits. Also referred as on-demand software, the entire data or resources of cloud computing can be easily accessed and shared across any platforms and from anywhere. By just signing in, you can customize the apps available specifically for your business or product.

Cloud computing enables multi-user access to data. Basically, cloud computing lets you enjoy the experience of working collectively even if you are far away from your workplace. But, for taking complete advantage of cloud computing you need to have reliable tech support for Cloud computing. Unleashing the potential of online data back-up and email solutions, tech support for cloud computing allows every business enterprise to become online-centric.

Moreover, the reliable and trusted tech support for cloud computing provides easy access of any business data to remote workers and let them become more productive in any other place. Thats what you call business collaboration. Nowadays, there are several companies providing tech support for cloud computing and ultimately offer protected, organized and maintained IT infrastructure without taking the hassle of maintaining or buying servers, networking equipment and backup systems.
Business data security is a vital concern and seamless tech support for Cloud computing enables you to create

Feb 07

Knowing More About Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server hosting is an on demand form of hosting services provided to customers through the platform of the Internet. In the place of performing on the basis of a single or virtual server, cloud server hosting services act with the help of multiple connected servers comprising a cloud. This function has been given other names too by customers such as cluster server hosting or server on-demand hosting.


Reliability and easier access in an increased form

Extremely beneficial as a potential cost saving function

Seamless scalability

Potential freedom for clients to be spared from subjected on-premise server and hardware

Clients via the internet, pay only for the consumption of resources online.

Abundant access to data storage

There are no one point of failure

There is immense flexibility owing to increased growth of the website.

There are plenty of generous features and guaranteed website performance based on the numerous machines at work.

Choosing the correct server

There are a lot of services which use extremely advanced virtualization systems which assure dedicated server resources for each website on the cloud. This in turn proves beneficial for websites on a smaller scale for which dedicated server hosting like services at a worthwhile price is nothing but a boon. To successfully accommodate any type of online project, there is several cloud hosting services which possess pre-defined cloud hosting packs.

Server hosting is a modern and highly creative version of computing which not only allows several machines to work under one system but also ensures integration of extra resources. Now we do not have to depend on one server which may or may not let you access and make sure theres backup. Several machines working under the same system provides its customers with the guaranteed source of backup and several data that is never

Feb 05

Rapidscale Cloud Server And Cloud Backup

RapidScale Cloud Server and Cloud Backup are two products that have been able to increase the scalability and accessibility of server technology for enterprises. Through the utilization of Data Centers across the United States, RapidScale is able to provide a geographically diverse location to store your data. The Cloud Server product comes under a few different names, Cloud Recovery, Infrastructure as a Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Cloud Backup. Through Fastblue Networks, and RapidScale your data will be safe in the cloud.

Cloud Server, or Infrastructure as a Service eliminates the Capital Expenditure of new server hardware. Through a Cloud Server, you have accessibility to the latest software and hardware stored in a secure Data Center. Rather than paying an upfront fee, users have a subscription-based service where they pay based on usage. This creates an elastic service that allows the customer to scale up or down based upon their individual needs. The customer has the ability to control all aspects of their server, including applications, storage, and operating system.

Cloud Server pricing is based upon power, storage, and CPU/RAM. Through this methodology, each customer is given a unique service based upon the needs of their organization.

Cloud Backup, or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) provides organizations with an effective method of offloading their data to a secure off-site location. DRaaS has become an effective solution for companies that are still backing up on tape, and need to move the tape to a secure location. Since RapidScale will replicate the Data in a diverse location, it will be protected against any natural disasters.

RapidScale was founded in 2008. Since its creating it has seen year over year growth. In 2012 RapidScale grew 300%, adding partners such as Fastblue and many more. RapidScale offers other Cloud Computing

Feb 04

Cloud Security Deemed Critical For Contemporary Firms

Cloud computing has allowed businesses to function at lesser expenditures and startup expenses, and also forward-looking flexibility and approach features. Notwithstanding each of these progressions in the machinery and competences, there is a horde of dangers that involves suitable tackling. Regarding the procedures and etiquettes of privacy and security in the cloud, there appears to be a lasting mist of misperception and uncertainty. The newest barb in hacks only furthermore fuels this, with the increase in cybercriminals and other data breaches of great firms. Appreciatively, today, cutting edge security software is to halt unlawful contact and dreadful records leakages.

Information technology specialists frequently cite cloud security as one of their principal qualms. The drive succeeding this is the enormous quantity of precious properties and material protected across cloud storage. As per the statement of Catalyze Associates principal analyst Jerry Mathers, Per the modern developments in cloud technology and acceptance, information tech experts and chief information security officers are recommended to engage more progressive and more appropriate strategies for cloud security fortifications. Some advised preliminary topics for information technology specialists include the imminent movements of cloud visibility, secure data encryption, among the arena of countless novel assistances for cloud security.

In several instances, the peak malevolent methods of assailants brood from within the gut of the business. Given that all the companys appreciated info is collected at a central dwelling in the cloud, insider threats can have a blast while easily sifting though the most intimate intelligence of the corporation. What further exacerbates this condition is the lack of attentiveness thats put on secure files visibility and monitoring software. A larger emphasis should be placed on data monitoring technology that enables data tracking and trailing though transfers of information that can be sorted and sifted by unique identification accounts

Feb 02

Online Task and Project Management and Cloud Computing

Ten Benefits of Online Office Collaboration

1.Save Money Cloud computing can be a very cost effective way of reducing costs especially in the current financial climate. Yes you can reduce printing costs, remove postage costs and generally work quicker and more efficiently but most importantly, by working together you can reduce mistakes, and mistakes can be very expensive.

2.Many of the IT Requirements You Need are Outsourced There is no need to invest in a complicated IT infrastructure as all you need is a PC or Mac and an Internet connection. The technical equipment is hosted in the cloud, usually with a comprehensive suite of office programs.

3.Fewer Items to Clutter Up Your Inbox All your project information is stored in one place for you to access when needed. You can view your emails and important documents in an online environment.

4.Create Confidence Through Transparency By publishing information online and sharing it with colleagues, contacts and clients you include the people that need to contribute on the project and make everybody’s lives a lot easier by keeping everyone in the loop.

5.Clients Love It By giving your clients easy access to the information they want, it saves them chasing you for it and reinforces the relationships that differentiate you from your competitors. This will also free up your time to work more productively.

6.Anytime, Anywhere Work from home, work from site, work late, work early – whatever suits you and your workers. Online collaboration tools are available 24/7 and can be accessed using many different methods. For example hand held computers and Internet ready phones.

7.Configurable to your Needs Publish what you want, images, documents, tasks or calendars, invite who you want to share these resources and remain in complete control.

8.Be Green Online collaboration is great for your sustainability credentials as you free up more office resources

Feb 02

Innovative Cloud Computing Services In India

With the latest trends in technology and developments in the computer science, India is all set to reach great heights of success in cloud computing services. This technology simply put is all about offering IT related resources for instance, storage, network, computing, application as a service and system security and many more. These services are usually charged on the basis on the usage. This concept of usage-based pricing has been a successful pricing model over the past few years owing to its cost-effective nature that provides the user maximum benefit.

Cloud computing services in India are all set to bring an innovation in the way users compute today. A selected few segments that can reap the benefits are discussed below:-

* Colleges, Schools and Universities can adopt the latest R&D solutions that would offer access to the innovative technologies at a reasonable price

* Long Tail Business Units, can make use of the CRM accessible on the Cloud to send SMS greetings and other communications to their customers

* New Innovative Business Firms can operate their business on cloud having an office set up at home.

* Multimedia Content Providers with Cloud computing technologies are able to disseminate their digital content to numerous consumers at a lesser price.

Cloud Computing Service providers in India

Today, India has eminent market players in Cloud Computing services that offer a bouquet of features and facilities through their comprehensive range of public cloud platform. The advanced features ensure online provisioning, management and incorporate a pay per use model for your IT infrastructure anytime, anywhere through the web. Some of the offers and features are listed below-

* Allows every user to self-provision servers, storage infrastructure network, real-time from anywhere, anytime

* All the resources are availed through a

Feb 02

It Giants Grab China’s Cloud Computing Market

Due to the impact of Dell and HP in China’s IT cloud computing market, yesterday IBM’s chairman and chief executive officer of Greater China in Shanghai announced the creation of cloud computing division in Greater China to strengthen the Chinese market layout.

This is the first time that IBM set up special cloud computing business unit in China since its rendering of the “Intelligent Earth” concept in China in 2008. In the previous two years, IBM has been competing for the orders of “digital city”. It has established a number of cloud-computing data centers in Wuxi, Jiangsu, Shandong, Dongying, Chengdu and other places. This is the infrastructure of cloud computing service model. At present, this trend has continued.

To speed up the speed of layout, IBM also partners with the sole distributor to expand regional markets together. On Aug. 8 IBM announced “special cloud computing partners plan” to attract partners with fund incentives. Up to now, IBM has won orders from many of China’s key industries.

In only 2010, IBM has implemented 2000 individual and private clouds projects in the world. IBM cloud platform has now 19 million users. In addition, IBM has also invested and established 10 global cloud laboratories, five cloud centers, 12 backup clouds. Up to now, 80% of the Fortune Global 500 companies use IBM’s cloud computing services.

The analysts of the industry say that the rival Hewlett-Packard and Dell do not want to sit back and let business opportunities fall into the hands of IBM. They made many mergers and acquisitions of cloud computing business over the past year and frequently compete for the Chinese market.

HP recently released a Chinese cloud computing strategy. It announced that it would invest $ 2 billion. It currently has planned cloud base in Hainan,

Feb 01

Why Successful Logistics Companies Are Demanding Cloud-based Freight Management Solutions

Recession and global slow down are forcing companies to re-look their logistics costs. Faced with increasing operational costs, logistics service providers and freight forwarders are increasingly looking towards technology to help them deliver results and rationalise costs. Successful logistics service providers are simplifying their operations and slashing their growing hardware and technology costs by moving to Cloud-based freight management software solutions.

To the uninitiated, cloud-based freight forwarding software is accessed through a web browser. It scores over other legacy freight software solutions which require organizations to purchase hardware and hire technology professionals to manage infrastructure. Software experts who understand the demands of the logistics industry have seen how cloud-based plug and play systems offer several benefits for an industry that requires collaboration with several players to deliver results.

A leading logistics company which recently went live with Softlink Globals Logi-Sys explains how it achieved cost rationalisation, With cloud-based freight forwarding and logistics solution like Logi-Sys, we not only get to use the software, but also dont have to worry about its managementand maintenance. We dont need to set aside financial resources to buy or maintain expensive hardware and software every few years. And instead of paying large amounts upfront for software and hardware, we pay only for how much we use.

For those worried about security of data, Cloud-based freight management solutions ensure that critical business information is protected in a Tier IV data center, which provides the same level of security used by many banks to protect financial information. Annual audits and data encryption ensure that there are no security leakages.

Whats more, companies no longer have to spend time and money in training and deploying manpower. The absence of onsite servers and web-based applications also negates the need to setup, install and configure. This means a shorter training

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