Jan 29

Preschool Themes-pre K Lesson Plans Themes About Clouds

Clouds and Fog:

What are clouds made of? Clouds are made of tiny little droplets of water or ice crystals. If you want to make a cloud of your own, go outside on a cold day and have everyone breathe out. The moisture and warmth of your breath with make a cloud escape from your mouth.

Is it possible to touch a cloud? When it is a very foggy day outside, have everyone put their jackets on and walk through the fog for a few minutes. Do you see your clothes getting damp. That is because you are walking through a cloud and clouds are made of tiny water droplets as we learned above.

What is fog? As we learned above, fog is a cloud. The only difference is that fog looks like it blankets over the entire ground and clouds sit high up in the sky in large marshmallow like puffs.

Kindergarten children can be taught the three different types of clouds.

The Three Different Types Of Clouds Are:

Stratus: These clouds are layered or flat grey sheets spread out over a distance. Fog is considered a layered cloud as it stretches over large areas. These clouds are grey, very thick, and can carry snow, or rain.

Cirrus or Curl Clouds: These clouds look like wisps up in the sky. It looks like they were painted with a brush stroke.

Cumulus: Cumulus clouds are referred to as a huge pile of clouds or a huge heap of clouds. Heap clouds are dark and can be very tall; when you see clouds like these a thunderstorm or other bad weather may be on its way.

Clouds give us shade from the sun. On a hot day, we can find a shady spot and let our bodies cool off. At night the clouds protect our earth from getting to cold.


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