Jan 25

The Impact Of Cloud Computing On Enterprise Mobility Solution

Enterprise Mobility Solution is mainly designed to enhance the employee empowering by giving them tools such as laptops, smart phones, tablets, net book and other mobile devices. The combination of these tools provides a secure access to a corporate network and enables them to work anywhere using the same application and data as they would have on their desktop. As technology improved, the concept of mobility solutions also expand and in this regard, with the increasing trend in workforce of an organization offsite, increases the demand of these mobile devices to enhance the productivity of an employee.

This concept of mobility solution emerges very rapidly with the concept of cloud computing. The cloud computing technology is expected to create an unparalleled platform for organizations with enterprise mobility solutions. This computing technology relies on the sharing computing resources to handle applications instead of having personal devices. With the introduction of new technology in an organization, generally provides disruptive, complimentary and game changing outcomes. It change the entire way in which an existing organization system operates.

How it affects the enterprise mobility market?

It provides a host of benefits when comes with enterprise mobility as now enterprise can access a wide range of information and data on mobile devices and reached their customers in secure and effective way ever. The main benefit of mobility apps is an improvement of accessibility irrespective of users location. With the more and more enterprise mobility solutions apps shift to cloud computing, companies would be able to authorize their won computing abilities to carry out other additional activities with the aim to increase the overall growth of an organization.

The other benefits of cloud with mobility solution are reliability, scalability, empowerment of employees, and real time updates. It is therefore represents the opportunity for organizations to use available resources in an effective manner and to search out the companys core objective. However there are some challenges which required to be noticed when applying these both the technologies in a company.

The large scale concern is about the security of the data and corporate information and its perception also becomes a major disruption that cloud computing affects the enterprise mobility solutions. The current enterprises require an implementation of a service oriented architecture with the transition of cloud computing to aid in creating superior agility network architecture. This will help organization to understand their architecture and cloud computing benefits as well.

At last like any other new technology, some risks are associated with cloud computing, however these risks are assemble with the enterprise mobility solutions to help enterprises to chase a competitive advantage in marketplace and also helps to improve the overall data protection.


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